Monday, June 18, 2007

March 2007

March 2007 – It is just like coming home! To hear the pilot say “Welcome to Orlando!” just fills my heart with pixie dust!! We were lucky enough to be travelling with friends of ours this time – they work at the same university as I do and one of them was attending the same conference as I was – so we knew we were in for fun!

Again, Amanda was confined to a wheelchair for much of the time we spent at the parks. And again she whined about it. And again I reminded her to suck it up, that it was temporary! We had some truly magical moments – a wonderful cast member named Alfred saving our seats while I wheeled Amanda to the washroom, Captain Jack giving pirate lessons and yelling at Amanda to say “ARRRRR”, incredibly solicitous bus drivers making sure Amanda was seated comfortably before letting anyone else on the bus. It was a great trip. In a year that was plagued with pain and grief, it was definitely the soothing balm our family needed!

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