Wednesday, September 5, 2007

An Amanda update...

Well, it's been a long time coming but we may actually be seeing some improvement!!

Amanda had an appointment with her rheumatologist last week and it was a good one. As Amanda likes to say, she never said "NO" so many times in her life - "does this hurt, does this hurt, etc" and she could answer no to most of 'em!

Her jaw is still quite sore - and now it's in both sides. However, the rheumatologist wants her to get an MRI of her jaw joints to see if it's arthritis in both sides or if the inflammation on one side is throwing out the alignment on the other side. She's also had something weird with her knee - all of a sudden, she'll feel a bulge out the side and her knee will lock and she can't move it. She'll massage it for a bit and then it seems to be better. The doc sent her for an xray - he seems to think a small piece of cartilidge may have gotten loose and is floating around and gets in a spot where it locks the joint. We did the xray in Toronto - the MRI will be done here.

The date for the third annual Amanda's Cruise for JA is coming closer and closer! Tim has been working hard at getting prizes for the raffle table - think he's got a few good ones! We've had some great sponsorship - a couple new companies are climbing on board to support us. I don't know the names -- all I know is they are companies for metal heads who love cars!!

That's it for now! Amanda goes for her fourth Remicade infusion tomorrow so hopefully I'll have nothing but good news from now on!!