Friday, December 31, 2010

A new year - hoping for good things!....

With the New Year almost upon us, I get to thinking about what 2010 has brought.  Spring started out with tons of pain for Amanda with her fibromyalgia.  Things seemed to improve a bit when things dried up.   Her summer and fall has been pretty good and her pain seems to be mostly under control.  But, just because she doesn't have enough challenges, she developed an ovarian cyst in November.  We spent the better part of two days in the emergency room before he pediatrician (who happened to be on call when we went in for visit #3) took charge and finally got her the tests she needed to give them a diagnosis.  She had an ultrasound a week later and it seems to have shunk.  She had another one this week so we'll see what happens! 

I am hoping that 2011 will bring good things for all and any kids who suffer from this terrible disease. 

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Mark said...

Thanks for pointing me here. Hoping Amanda's journey through life is as easy as possible.