Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring has sprung...

And I'm hoping that means an end to this crummy winter in Southern Ontario. It's been just brutal. Amanda has had a rough one. According to her physio, she's definitely seen an increase in her clients' pain and discomfort this winter.

Amanda is now going 5 weeks between treatments - this is her first month doing so. And it's not been good. She's definitely feeling that extra week. And she's been having some significant pain even shortly after her treatment. Not pleased about that! I've emailed the rheumy and he said he's happy to see her sooner than we planned if I would like her seen. I'm going to wait and see how well she feels after her next treatment and go from there. She's definitely been modifying her gym activities lately - can't do some of the running/jumping stuff. Sigh.

On a more positive note, Amanda won a bronze medal at the county-wide science fair! They had 214 projects. This was her first year doing it so we're pretty proud of that - kids don't often win in their first year. And she isn't a "science geek" kinda kid. She's more an artsy fartsy. But her and her friend (whom she did this project with) are already talking about what they'd like to do for next year!

Other than that, life is "normal" - I put it in quotes 'cuz it's as normal as it's possible for it to be for us but still hectic. My new job brings a ton of resposibility and I am sometimes feeling very much overwhelmed by it. But I try to get thru it day to day and do my best and I figure that's all anyone can ask!

Hoping all children like Amanda are doing well!!


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