Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A big WOO HOO for Amanda...

I KNEW there was something I was forgetting! The last two weeks Amanda has gotten her methotrexate shots while she was awake! For the last 6 yrs, she would insist on having her needle while she was asleep because the thought of having it awake made her ill. A couple weeks ago, on Friday night, she asked if she could have it just before she went to bed. I said "Absolutely" and got everything ready. I gave it to her and she just looked at me and said "Is that it???". I think she'd truly forgotten how to have it awake and had exaggerated memories of how bad it was! She laid down and fell asleep with no problems. I'm so proud of her! This was always something that really bothered her and she's overcome it!!


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Tammy Z said...

Hey, Michelle! I noticed that you haven't posted on Amanda's blog lately. The Remicade treatments still going well? Hope you're all over your flu-bugs. I know life at this stage can be very crazy. Maybe it's like that for you right now. Please know I'm thinking of you and looking forward to this summer!